Fighting against the specific oppression Black children face.

We reject notions of youth apathy, complacency and the pejorative stereotypes attributed to Black youth. We seek to clapback at traditional schooling systems that often deny Black youth of equitable education through zero-tolerance policies and the overuse of suspensions, under-resourcing, school-closings, high teacher turnover and Eurocentric curriculum. Our work evolves from a healthy love for ourselves and our people.

It is through this love, we build, we grow, we teach, we clapback.

Custom Content & Curriculum Development

Classroom Clapback offers custom social justice humanities lesson, unit and project planning for classroom educators and homeschoolers.

Social Justice Curriculum

Classroom Clapback provides curricular modules and units in humanities that can be adopted or adapted for individual classroom needs. 

Teacher Coaching & Support

To ensure teacher success in the implementation of Classroom Clapback curricula, 1:1 and group coaching services are available.

What Educators Are Saying

“The curriculum actually works in a culturally relevant classroom. The curriculum is researched and evidence-based, well nuanced, and highly engaging. [Classroom Clapback] tackles issues of race, class, the “isms” and various archetypal themes in literature. As a fellow educator, I highly recommend this curriculum in any secondary class!”

– Brittany Rodgers, High School English

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